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I am internationally known as a scholar of Crisis Informatics (the study of information use and sharing in disaster or crisis settings). I am currently a Professor of Information Sciences and Technology and head of the Social and Organizational Informatics Faculty at the Pennsylvania State University.

I study the ways that information technology impacts and is impacted by social, cultural, political, economic, and organizational structures. The goal of my research is to help communities make use of large amounts of data already produced by community-members that potentially improves the speed, quality, and efficiency of governmental and organizational response.

The results of my work have contributed directly to the policy-making bodies of the United Nations, the Obama Administration and several emergency management and international relief organizations, such as NetHope, the Red Cross and Mission Critical Partners.


Fulbright Scholar

13 grants worth $4.2m+

51 journal articles 

73 peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Influenced best practices for 300+ humanitarian information managers worldwide

Created Aurorasaurus citizen science project in partnership with Los Alamos National Labs & NASA



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My Academic Work

My Academic Work

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